WPF Busy Indicator

BusyIndicator control in WPF 

Environment: Visual Studio 2010

Download : Sample code

Extended WPF Toolkit has come with the much needed Busy Indicator pretty much similar to the Activity control of Silverlight. You can put content inside the  BusyIndicator and bind its property IsBusy with the dependency property in the ViewModel layer.

BusyIndicator makes it easy to let the user know when an application is busy. Simply wrap the relavent content in an instance of the BusyIndicator control and toggle its IsBusy property to True during any long-running process.

Simple steps to get the application up:

Download the  Extended WPF Toolkit get WPFToolkit.Extended.dll

Reference WPFToolkit.Extended.dll in the project

Add namespace:
<extToolkit:BusyIndicator IsBusy="False" >
Any no of content

Download : Sample code

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